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Shooting photos with your smartphone

You can shoot photos of your patients in a free mode or in a scenario mode. Don’t need any expansive cameras. In one clic take a photo, modify it if necessary and download it in your Kitview Software

Scan documents

Your patient give you a letter or others documents. You no need a large scanner, you just have to click in scan icon to scan the document, autosize and download it in Kitview with photo or PDF format.

Photo management

Manage patient’s photos downloaded in Kitview software with your smartphone or software. Then you can show them easily to your patient about his treatment. Easy and simple to use.

Compare 2 photos

Show to your patient that his treatment works by comparing 2 photos, one today and other in the last appointment or in the beginning of the treatment. Essential…

Recording a vocal memo

In one clic, you can dictate a letter to his secretary for instance or simply recording a remembering memo downloading in the patient file.

Broadcasting in a TV screen

With your smartphone or your tablets, you can presente to you patient the evolution of his treatment in a TV Screen. Just in a few clics.

Features :

Free Shooting

Replace your expansive camera by a simple smartphone, modify the photo and send it to Kitview software.

Scenarios shooting

Select a scenario or create a scenario and each photo you shoot have the right label to find easily the photo.

Barcode Scanner

With the barcode scanner you can track brackets for instance in the patient file.

Document Scanner

Scan every document to send it after to the patient file. All document can be download in PDF or photo.

Media Library

Manage all the photos in the patient file, to show him or to follow the treatment in few clics.

Photo comparator

Select a scenario or free photo to compare 2 photos to show the evolution of the treatment.

Vocal Memo

Record any message to type a letter, a mail or any document ; or a remebering message. 


With this function, you can broadcast any document to a TV Screen with ChromeCast option.

With Kitview App you can shoot photo in a free mode or scenario mode and send it to Kitview software, but also manage photo downloaded in Kitview software as a real remote control
You also record vocal memo for a letter for example or scan documents received from your patient. All will be send by wifi in your Kitview Software.
With Kitview App, you can broadcast photos to a TV Screen with chromecast or compare 2 photos to show to your patient the evolution of his treatment.

You want to test Kitview App* ?

Download from you prefered store & connect it to Kitview Software

* Kitview App is a beta mode and just available in French.